Shinning from the light of another. 

You’re trying so hard to live in this world .To accept what doesn’t seem right. Where things don’t go your way or where the way doesn’t feel right. 

Accepting it, facing it, letting the flowers grow off your buds only to let it die.   Facing reality and waking up from day dreams. why did I ever want to grow up? 

Challenges, hardships only makes it all okay for a little while. And faking a smile happens all the time. 

That’s not all, still growing and still willing to learn from the beds of mistakes I’ve made. Because love is setting all of us free from the doors of misery.  
Shinning from the light of another is temporary. Creating your own light into the path you chose. It’s not difficult, just a dose of hope and a little faith. Everything will go your way and this time, the way will feel right. 

Never give up, it may not seem easy but, it’s not that difficult either. Life is an opportunity some don’t adhere. Be the person who wants to, the person who can, the person who will and most importantly, be the person you are.  



Skys and sunsets

A place where I come from. A place where not too many people are around but enough to survive. A small village in Goa (a state in India). Parra, my hometown. A peaceful place to relax and breadth in the air from the freshly grown tender leaves.


I was riding my way back home from the gym with my sister at the back seat. I didn’t exactly happen to notice this. You know, with the whole ‘you need to keep your eyes on the road’ thing. That’s exactly what I was doing.

By chance, I happened to turn to the right and this is what I saw.

Skys, sunsets and clouds. The way they design themselves to form beautiful patterns is what makes me happy. Stars too! So damn beautiful.


These pictures are clicked from my phone (Lenovo vibe k5 plus). And, like any other person. I wanted to capture what I could see from my eyes . but, I couldn’t.

So yeah. I got excited and I immediately stopped the bike to capture the picture (the first pic) and my sister was embarrassed to call me her sister (no jokes) .

So yeah, small things like this help me hold on to hope and make me realise that there’s so much to the world than just mobile phones and television. Small things make big impacts in ones life. Just keep looking. Never give up.







Have you ever thought of the little something that would grow into something bigger? It could be a seed or a baby animal or it could be yourself.

Have you thought about the sun that sets every night, so damn beautiful Is the same sun that rises every morning. The same sun that gives us hope that we CAN.

We’re all growing and we’ll grow into beautiful creatures and reality may shut you down but at the end, you’ll stand 10x taller than you did before.

You’re going to fail and fall. But, that doesn’t stop you from standing up. Just dust off the dirt off your knees baby girl/boy. Because you were born to shine.

Believe in yourself. Today you might. Tomorrow you won’t. But remember, you’re living every TODAY, everyday. And don’t give tomorrow a chance to let you down.

We’re all here to spread love and with love we’ll grow.